This collab is the final chapter of the Covid-19 trilogy that T78 has started last July with “The Antidote” then with “Mutation” in October and now “Ground Zero”.

“After a year I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and the lyrics say pretty much everything about the song: “In the year 2020 a virus struck our planet. An elite group of ravers escaped from the extinction by going underground.

These survivors are still fighting to save the rave scene. This is Ground Zero:Dance or die!”

Ground Zero comes at you in full force delivers a low end rumble that goes straight into the pumping and melodic drive.

A punchy and powerful kick sits alongside the cleverly synth bass pattern.

An eerie synth hook builds into the searing, kissed by the typical tech-trance sound of the early millennium.


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T78, SPACE 92 “Ground Zero” (Preview)

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