All the sounds and samples on this pack are from the most recent T78 album #onlybombs featuring hits like Dominator, Scorpia, Liquid Night which are still in heavy rotation from fans and DJs alike.

Producers can now take a look at the back end of T78’s productions and learn how he creates bombs only!

For this pack he cut out every single sound used in every song and created one-shots to put in your sample library including kicks, drums, synths hits, bass hits, stab hits, fxs and more.

This pack provides you more headroom to put on your own touch with your own effect processing.

All samples are in WAV format (16Bit 44.1Khz) and a few bonus patterns/presets for ABL3 and Sylenth1 are also included.

You can use all the sounds in your productions without copying the original composition.


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