Hi Everybody,

We are all aware now that we are under attack by a hidden enemy. For some weeks T78 his homeland Italy is going through a very difficult time due to the spread of Corona Virus, which has serious repercussions on everybody’s lives.

We have been thinking how to contribute our part to this solidarity.

As many of us are experiencing a state of forced isolation, which is needed to STOP spreading the virus around the world. We challenge you to finish the project T78 has started!

We ‘the ravers’ are all united by Techno, that’s is why the TECHNO VIRUS has to be our antidote against this horrible Virus. ‘VirusT’ will be a straight up Techno banger from T78 and YOU!

All income generated by this competition; by donating, buying the stems or buying the release will be given to charity.

Do you have what it takes to become the collaboration partner with T78 for this charity fundraiser?

Enter your production within 4 weeks (before 28-04-2020) by email to virusT@autektone.com and make a chance to win an official release on Autektone together with T78!

Good luck!


  • Finish the track to a minimum of 6 minutes.
  • When sending us your version, please include your proof of purchase the stems. (It is a fundraiser activity, we will share our time with the dedicated ones #onlybombs)
  • You must have legal rights to all sounds used in your remix.
  • Use at least three of the stems provided of ‘VirusT’ stems (vocal is a MUST)
  • Be prepared to show project files (as T78 might want to have the final touch to the whole mix)
  • One entry per person, if you have more than one submission, only your first entry will be valid!
  • Your royalty share will be donated, by delivering your track to Autektone you accept this policy.


  • Official release as a collaboration with T78 on Autektone
  • A&R call session with T78
  • Upload to the Autektone Soundcloud page
  • Win a #ONLYBOMBS T-shirt


  • A&R call session with T78
  • Upload on the Autektone Soundcloud page.
  • Win a #ONLYBOMBS T-shirt


  • A&R feedback by member of the Autektone team on your track by mail/SC
  • Upload on the Autektone Soundcloud page
  • Release with your mix T78 & WINNER- VIRUST (‘ YOUR name’ VirusT mix) ANTIDOTE album’


  • A&R call session with T78
  • Upload your track to the Autektone Soundcloud page.
  • Win a #ONLYBOMBS T-shirt

Good Luck!


Buy the VIRUST Stems here: